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Super RX

Exceptionally sharp, high contrast images.


  • High quality diagnostic radiographs
  • Consistent image quality
  • Easy film handling

Fujifilm Super RX is a blue sensitive universal Medical X-ray film with a wide tonal range for all types of applications. Incorporating Fujifilm's unique Sigma-LIC Grain and Cross-over Control Technologies from the highly regarded Super HR series, it provides exceptionally sharp, high contrast images with both automatic and manual processings. Its reliable image quality will greatly improve diagnostic capabilities.

Super HR-U

A new high-contrast, high-resolution orthochromatic film for general radiography


  • Stable photographic quality
  • Improved physical toughness
  • High processing capacity

High-quality Super HR-U orthochromatic Medical X-ray film satisfies the varied demands of diagnostic X-ray imaging. Super HR-U ensures stable, high-resolution images regardless of whether your facility employs super-rapid (45-second), rapid (90-second), low-volume or manual X-ray film processing. Its dramatic improvement in stability makes quality control easier and more efficient even on a daily basis.