The Significance of Pressure Sensitive Label in the Packaging Industry

Pressure sensitive label have become a new standard in the contemporary packaging industry for effective and efficient product labeling. There are a large number of reasons that make a pressure sensitive label popular and practical in today’s market conditions. Some of them include high impact appeal, self-adhesiveness, and versatility. As for functional properties and attributes, these labels can be printed with ease on flexible and clear label stock, making your products visible without overlapping your branding. Today, pressure sensitive labels are accountable for around 55% of the total product labeling the world over. 

This blog discusses in detail some benefits of PSLs in the following points:

Convenient to use

Carried out using a high-quality pressure sensitive labeler, one prominent reason behind the ever-growing use of a pressure sensitive label in the packaging industry is that it can be used with ease across a wide range of products profile. 

Here are some of the attributes that make PSLs convenient to use:

  • PSLs offer ease of application and outstanding label integrity
  • They can withstand even the harshest and hostile environments such as heat, coldness, wetness, and dryness
  • PSLs never call for any kind of additional solvent or adhesion
  • PSLs allow the use of different adhesives during the manufacturing to make the branding removed or stay permanent, as per the nature of the products and their specific branding related requirements
  • PSLs substrates permit manufacturers to customize their products on the packaging front with ease
  • They can be used in metallic, reflective, and a large number of other custom films.
Today, the world’s leading brands such as Nestle, Purina, and Heinz make use of pressure sensitive labels for the effective and efficient labeling of their products. PSLs are not only durable but also flexible par excellence.

PSLs offer unrivaled environmental performance

Manufacturers of different products choose their packaging material keeping in view its ability to combat different types of environmental conditions. When compared to other conventional packaging materials, PSLs offer better environmental performance because they can combat even the harshest conditions without any damage to the core product as well as branding. Be it extreme heat, cold, or moisture, PSLs come out as winners under all circumstances. This amazing performance of the pressure sensitive labels can be attributed to their mechanism which combines a large number of adhesives combinations. This unique combination of high-quality adhesives capacitates them to withstand the following:

  • The high degree of abrasion
  • High humidity levels
  • Friction, and
  • Sterilization challenges

Pressure sensitive labels are environment-friendly

Pressure sensitive labels (PSLs) are considered to be environment-friendly because the least possible amounts of highly volatile compounds are used when they are manufactured. As a result, these labels are easy to dispose of in comparison to all other solvent-based labels. And it is the ease of their disposability that proves them beneficial to the planet. Governments across the globe are striving hard to find newer ways to protect the planet and therefore are instructing manufacturers to use such packaging materials which are harmless to the environment. In this regard, pressure-sensitive labels score heavily over all others while finding application in more than 55% of the total packaging being done across the globe.

Pressure sensitive labels are fully customizable

Customizability is one of the most prominent versatilities of pressure sensitive labels. For example, manufacturers of different items can very easily get pressure sensitive labels printed in whatever way they want. They can choose their preferred artwork, color, branding message, company information, or logo exactly the way they want. Apart from this, PSLs can be designed with ease on a comprehensive range of materials including coatings, films, or even papers. These labels also let the users go for their preferred customized patterns which mainly include the following:
  • Glossy foils
  • Metalized
  • Clear
  • Wood grain, and
  • Textured materials, etc

Effective and economical solution for labeling applications

For manufacturers dealing in a wide range of products, pressure sensitive labels have proven to be the most effective and economical solutions. Their versatility and easy applicability make them the best packaging material for a comprehensive range of manufactured products. Carried out with a sophisticated pressure sensitive labeler, PSLs play a crucial role in reducing the number of different labels needed for a particular inventory for daily operations. When it comes to the availability of options in design, adhesives, and substrate, customizable pressure sensitive labels can be found in a plethora of choices.
Generally, the customized forms of PSLs result in high-quality products perfectly appropriate for comprehensive use in retail as well as consumer applications. Since they come with the already-available adhesives on them, it takes lesser time to apply them to a broader range of products. Through optimization of these labels’ application operations, the manufacturers can experience improved productivity which at the end of the day results in more profitability.

Buying pressure-sensitive labels

Opting for a unique and eye-catching pressure sensitive label is like a significant investment in your products. Labels play a pivotal role in driving sales and establishing a close connection with your customers across segments. The right kind of PSLs always deliver fruitful results on the packaging investment by:

  • Adding an aesthetic and alluring visual appeal to your product
  • Making your brand recognizable in the crowd of numberless brands across stores
  • Creating a strong first impression about your product range
  • Conveying all the key pieces of product information, and
  • Driving sales.

Depending on your product, your label partner should meet your needs keeping in view the following requirements:

  • Extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • Direct sunlight
  • Moisture, condensation, and humidity
  • The outdoor environments
  • Chemical exposure
  • And, a large number of other environmental hazards

Concluding Remarks 

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