Top 3 Packaging Considerations for Food Products Manufacturers

Good and qualitative packaging plays a very crucial role not only in enhancing the market viability but also in the mass appeal of the product. It is also considered to be a valuable asset for any company that deals in physical goods. The way a product is packed not only conveys a particular message to the buyers but also tells a lot about your brand in an effective and efficient manner. The effect of packaging is so much powerful that it can convince a customer about the contents of the products inside of the package.  
Leaving the design elements behind, there are a large number of other considerations also when it comes to carrying out an effective and efficient packaging process. With careful foresight, the way you pack your products not only can garner your brand loyalty but also take your sales curve always upside. This blog discusses some of the top considerations, particularly relevant for the food industry:

Protection: Really a serious concern with the food products 

Whether you are using a chemically treated packaging film or label BOPP Film, the packaging of food items needs to be quite different from other products for a large number of reasons. Some of them include the following:
  • The packaging needs to allow the contents packed inside to stay fresh and healthy even for longer durations
  • The packaging has a direct concern with the safety of the products during the times when they are in the distribution and shipment phase
  • Some certain types of products call for a special type of packaging that needs to be addressed. 
Frozen foods, perishables, and dry grocery items are some of the examples that need to be treated differently during the packaging phase. Packaging has also got a great role to play during the manhandling, temperature conditions, and other external factors to maintain the safety and freshness of the food items. Apart from the above, some other crucial considerations that need to be taken seriously include the following:
  • The selection of a high-quality packaging material that can withstand contamination
  • The packaging methodology adopted must be in sync with the climatic conditions of the areas the products are going to be distributed across
  • Adherence to the government rules and guidelines for a particular category of products
  • A crystal clear display of all types of information on the food product packaging label.
Whether you are using a chemically treated packaging film or label BOPP Film, the packaging needs to be carried out with strict adherence to the above. 

Budget: Be contemplative but not cheap 

Packaging in the food items should never give a cheap and makeshift look and feel. After all, it is something that creates a certain impression in the minds of the buyers about your brand and the overall product quality itself. It is believed that packaging for the food products manufacturers across the globe is accountable for around 8-10% of the total cost of the products being packed. Apart from the production cost, the distribution and shipping costs might also increase as per the nature of the packaging materials used to serve the purpose.
The inventory costs generally based on the packaged products’ size might differ when it comes to product packaging design. In case the magnitude of your business is too small to afford an ideal packaging design, then also you don’t need to be discouraged and downcast. The field of packaging has evolved and there are newer and affordable ways to meet your food product packaging requirements. There are sophisticated packaging solutions available both in the forms of chemically treated packaging films and label BOPP Film. You can go for them without any second thought. Some of the top packaging materials manufacturers in India can be your best guide when it comes to finalizing budget-friendly food items packaging solutions. 

Being Trendy matters a lot these days 

Like other industries, the packaging of food products also gets drastically affected by certain trends that get immense popularity across different periods. Over the past 20 years, eco-friendly packaging has grabbed the attention of both buyers and sellers not only in India but also across the globe. This trend is still taking off with never-before popularity in a wide range of industries including food and beverages. To stay at the forefront of the cutting edge design, it is always wise to do something better than your close competitors. Make a comprehensive analysis of the areas that can be improved while meeting the standard designing needs. 

Here are some quick tips to stay trendy in your food product packaging 

  • Study your competitors as well as well-established companies as much as you can to derive meaningful insight about exploring some standard elements of design
  • When you collect the data, identify the areas that you can improve in your packaging to achieve the winning edge over them
  • Make use of certain software solutions for comprehensive data collection to empower your field representatives whom you have hired for the auditing of the competitor’s activities making use of geo-tagged images and custom-made mobile forms
  • Never include anything in the printing plan that might prove to be confusing to your customers
  • Be creative while keeping the content on the package crisp, concise, and short.  

Wrapping up

The importance of the packaging methodology, the creativity used in it, and the quality of the material used should never be underestimated across all types of industries and sectors including food. It becomes even more important because today whatever is visible, sells. In the world of online and offline advertising today, the role of good packaging in the food industry has become even more important. Packaging has the power to convince the buyers that the materials inside a particular packet are of great quality. 
It is a psychological truth concerning the human beings that they perceive things firstly as per the external appearance of everything including a food item. Therefore, always pay attention to the quality of the packaging with the same gravity as you do to make your product.